Vitamin Character Design & Animation 

VITA-V is a Twinbot Studio's brand new character design & animation project 
that we got inspiration from 'vitamin' and '8-bit game graphics'.
Character Design
[Vitamin D] - Inspiration from Vitamin D, ingredient promoting the healthy growth and remodeling of bone.
He likes milk.

[Vitamin C] - Inspiration from Lime, fruit containing a lot of Vitamin C.
He fires juicy laser with face squeezing when he is surprised or happy.

[Vitamin B] - Inspiration from Vitamin B catalyzing cell metabolism.
We substitute this function into an image of lovely female lips with various facial expressions.

[Vitamin A] - Inspiration from Vitamin A which is needed by the retina of the eye.
The shape of specks of light in the character functions as facial.
Character Design Sketch
Animation Test GIF
The initial plan was just a mobile-specialized character design project.
But we turned this project's direction into '8-bit game style' graphics & storytelling.
Title Design
Game Style Concept
Game Stage Thumbnail
Game Stage Designs
Game Stage Idea
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